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About us

Where are we!

Grafarkot is situated just between Reykjavík and Akureyri a few km from the village Hvammstangi.
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At Grafakot we live, Indriđi Karlsson and Herdís Einarsdóttir with our daughters. Until few years ago we breed horses along with our sheep farming but since that time, we have only kept horses.

2001 was large and good stable built at the farm with space for 30 horse. There are only loose boxes in the stable, 20 for 1 horse each, and 5 for 2 horses each. Also a 30*12 m riding hall was built, which is very useful for starting horses.

Horses and evrything that goes with them has always been a big part of our live, all the girls are very interested in the horses, all of them have compete a lot, often with good results. We always try to go at least once over the summer time in a good horsetrip and then we also use our horses in the fall to get both horses and sheeps down from the mountains. So our horses get many different kind of training.

The fall 2002 we bought again 19 sheep just for fun, so the sheepfarming has start again though the herd is small. Now we have 44 sheeps.



See from the outside    There are three corridors


Greifi in the stable         The stable

 Fanney á Sigđ

                      Working in the riding hall


 Ready for everything...

The family

Herdís og Indriđi Indriđi and Háleggur from Grafarkot & Herdís and Ćra from Grafarkot

Systurnar Systurnar

Fanney & Ásjóna, Eydís & Kardináli and Kolla & Arfur

Kolla og Sölvi 

Kolla did compete a lot on Sölva from Skáney.

Kolla FT verđlaun Kolla got the F.T. award in FM '93

Eydís og Kardináli 

Eydís and Kardináli

Fanney and Nátthrafn, they got a very good success in LM 1998 when they end in third place in barnaflokkur.

Fanney og Ásjóna Fanney og Ásjóna

Fanney and Ásjóna

The new lady in the family!

Rakel Gígja

Rakel Gígja og Sölvi Fanney ađ hjálpa til

Riding first time only three months old(",).


Talking to Trú                      ... and Urt

Rakel, Raggi og tíkurnar Rakel, Kolla og tíkurnar

Rakel watching Móa                     Rakel looking at the dogs. 


Aría frá Grafarkoti

Aría frá Grafarkoti

Ćra frá Grafarkoti

Ćra frá Grafarkoti

Órator frá Grafarkoti


Grafarkot hrossarćkt | 531 Hvammstangi | Sími 451 2923 | GSM 860 2056 / 848 8320 | grafarkot@grafarkot.is