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Now there are two dogs in Grafarkot, Móa and Ćsa. Móa is 3/4 Icelandic and 1/4 Border Collie. Ćsa is thorougbred Border Collie.


Móa Ćsa

Móa                                          Ćsa

More photos of Móa are here.

In Grafarkot we almost just have had female dogs. Here below are photos of few dogs from Grafarkot.

Erró Erró og Aska

Erró born spring 2004, his mom is Ćsa, we were going to keep him but there was a accident. He was hit by a car and died.  He was absolute thinker. Aska his sister now lives in the farm Neđri Ţverá.

Erró og Aska 



Vaka Vaka was thorougbred Border Collie but she died 2003 from "veirusýking". She became 6 years old. 

Hektor og Skuggi Ćsa, Skuggi og Hektor

Hektor and Skuggi, Móa is their mom and they was borned the spring 2003. Skuggi now lives at the farm Reykir in Hrútafjörđur but Hektor lives in Svartárdalur.


Aría frá Grafarkoti

Aría frá Grafarkoti

Ćra frá Grafarkoti

Ćra frá Grafarkoti

Órator frá Grafarkoti


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