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Two born 2007


  Samverji from Grafarkot born 2007 F. Grettir from Grafarkot M. Sameign from Sauðárkrókur.

 Vinátta from Grafarkot born 2008  F. Hróður from Refsstað M. Vin from Grafarkot.




Sál og Erfingi Erfingi

                     Sál and Erfingi, he is from Klettur from Hvammur.

Tjáning Tign og Tjáning 

     Tign and Tjáning, she is a daughter of Dynur from Hvammur.


stallion Órator of Grafarkot.


Yngri Hjálp og Hrímnir Yngri Hjálp and Hrímnir, he is a son of Klettur from Hvammur.




The colts grew up in the freedom of Vatnsnesfjall during the summer. The taming of the mares is started when they are four years old, the geldings when they are five. The main characteristics of the horses from the breeding at Grafarkot, is how friendly they are and easy to tame. Over-sensitivity hardly exists in the farm´s stock.


Pictures of foals that were born in 2004


Aría frá Grafarkoti

Aría frá Grafarkoti

Æra frá Grafarkoti

Æra frá Grafarkoti

Órator frá Grafarkoti


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